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Vehicle Wraps & Graphics

Any vehicle can be "wrapped": planes, trains, and automobiles! Whatever you can think of, it can likely be wrapped.

Lamborghini Vector Image Created by The Pro Shop in Del Rio, TX

Here at The Pro Shop, we offer:

  • Gloss and Matte colors

  • Textured Vinyl (Brushed Metal, Carbon Fiber, etc)

  • Reflective Vinyl

  • Our vinyl NEVER hurts the paint but instead protects it.

  • A beautiful looking car at a cheaper cost over paint.

All work is by the only 3M Preferred Graphics Installer in Del Rio
Orafol, 3M, Avery Denison Certification

Of course, whether you want your vehicle completely wrapped or you just want to add some minor graphics details, what determines how well any job turns out is the quality of materials used and how talented the installer is.

Training requirements to become a certified graphics installer are stringent and demanding, and no certification is as rewarding as being named an expert by one of the most reputable graphics material companies and graphics installation trainers in the world: 3M.


Call The Pro Shop or stop in and speak to Juan Vicuna about all the possibilities vehicle wrapping and graphics installation offers.

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